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We are a locally owned & operated restaurant serving Austin since 2008.

Mariscos Los Jarochos offers locally-sourced contemporary Seafood and Authentic Mexican dishes where consistency in execution is our priority.
One of our customers' favorites is our Filete Relleno de Mariscos.

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Quality Ingredients, Delicious Food

All products and ingredients we use to create our dishes have been carefully selected to enhance each menu item. Our menu features an impressive listing of unique dishes to delight your palate. Ask your servers any questions about our menu dishes and discover your favorite!

Arroz A La Tumbada

Rice mixed with octopus, shrimp, fish, mussels, crab, chipotle and tomato sauce.


Seafood Soup​

Catfish nugget, octopus, shrimp and mussels. With the option to add crab.​



Option of 6 or 12 fresh and delicious Oysters.


Filete Relleno A la plancha

Tilapia fillet filled with octopus and shrimp wrapped in bacon and covered with parsley butter.


Join us for Dinner Thur - Sun and enjoy live music

Karaoke Nights with Laura!

¡los esperamos!

Tacos, tortas, Picaditas & more
We now serve Antojitos

Taqueria Menu!

A New Concept of Taquería!

At Mariscos Los Jarochos we like to keep innovative, we recently crated a new space in our Restaurant dedicated to offer delicious Mexican Antojitos. Our menu includes Tacos, Tortas, Quesadillas, Gorditas, Picaditas, and more great items with Authentic Mexican delicious flavor.

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